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My name is Cândida Marques, I'm 32 years old and I'm a resident of the municipality of Nelas, more specifically in the village of Folhadal.

I worked for 12 years in a supermarket, but after all these years I no longer felt fulfilled at a professional level, my career was stagnant and there was nothing more to aspire to.

It was then I decided to take a chance and change the job I had, for a new challenge where in the early days everything seems uncertain, but with great effort and persistence will can achieve great goals.

The most important thing for me is that all my clients want buyers or owners trust in me and in my
work, because I will do everything to achieve their goals and needs.

Training and Expertise
  • CREATE 21 Golden Edition
  • English
My Properties
  • 12

    50 000 € Rustic Land

    Mangualde, Mangualde Mesquitela e Cunha Alta


  • 32

    180 000 € Townhouse

    Gouveia, Vila Nova de Tazem

    209m2 137m2 3 4

  • 30
    Isolated villa in Rio Torto, Gouveia.

    Isolated villa in Rio Torto, Gouveia.

    205 000 € Isolated Villa

    Gouveia, Rio Torto e Lagarinhos

    142m2 70m2 3 2

  • 19

    215 000 € Isolated Villa

    Carregal do Sal, Beijos

    12,100m2 247m2 2

  • 20

    150 000 € Housing Building

    Seia, Seia São Romão e Lapa dos Dinheiros

    130m2 203m2 6 3

  • 13

    16 500 € Land

    Nelas, Carvalhal Redondo e Aguieira